Two Polka Dot Monsoon Scask

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  • Pastel blue poly crepe with white polka dots scask is a must buy for the monsoons. Does not get wet easily and dries very quickly. A scask is a fashion accessory which can be used as a scarf or as a mask to protect oneself from the dust, pollution and germs. It comes with an all round elastic and can be worn on the face to cover the nose, mouth and ears to protect oneself from dust, pollution and the likewise. It can also be worn on the neck as scarf for the fashionable requirements. This product is specially made for those who wish to cover their face but find it difficult to breathe through the masks. This scask is open from the bottom not making you feel claustrophobic. Be comfortable, relaxed and fashionably safe in our polka dotted scask. When you are wearing it, put it on your face. When you are not wearing it, leave around your neck like a scarf.
  • Free Size
  • Blue and white
  • SKU - ASFA106
  • Set of: 2 scasks 
  • Hand or machine wash



Please note that we do not accept returns/exchanges for masks purely for the safety and hygiene of our valuable customers. Thank you for understanding our concern.